The Technology In Sports podcast is the brainchild of Jim Vance, an elite endurance sports coach, author and former elite athlete. Guests include coaches and athletes from various sports and organizations, discussing some of the ways they use technology, science and data analytics to compete at the highest levels. The show also hosts new and innovate companies who are working to produce the tools for these athletes and coaches to have the next breakthrough, and stay a step ahead of the competition.

"My entire athletic career, from my days at the University of Nebraska, to my professional triathlon racing career, competing at Ironman and Olympic level competitions, has been about trying to seek breakthroughs for better results, at the highest level of competition. The higher I went, and the stiffer the competition, the more technology, science, data and innovation played a role in my training and performances," says Vance. "I now use these concepts in coaching athletes to their elite level goals."

Vance is the host of the show, and routinely tries to introduce listeners to new innovations in the entire sporting world, not just endurance or team sports. "Many innovations in sport simply came from other sports, like the new power meter for running technology," says Vance, who is the author of Run With Power, the first book of its kind to tackle the technology of running power meters, teaching runners how to use and understand it. 

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